Write That Down.

┬áthe theme is about your favourite quotes. HOLLA TO THAT. I’m a quote junkie.

In times of great turmoil, I always turn to quotes. My favourite quotes remind me of who I am. They remind me to actively pursue the person I want to be. They ground me. I’m not in this alone. Someone understands. This too, shall pass.

It may be trite, but quotes make me incredibly happy. I’m supposed to pick my five favourite and I think I have it nailed down to my favourite 70 or so. What can I say? I’m in life-long love affair with words.

1. Write, even if you do it for you and one other person (*ahem* AJ)

2. Forget regret or life is yours to miss.

3. Expect better. Accept More.

4. Fear not. There’s beauty in the darkness.

5. All roads lead here. Pick one.

6. (What? I can have 6. I’m fucking RULE BREAKER that way.)

7. Lucky number 7 ;0) The grown up equivalent of “just keep swimming”. (And for the record, I’ve read the entire 1200 page beast of book that is the original Les Mis…and I love it.)

Ok, I’ve got to stop or we’ll all be here FOREVER.

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What’s your favourite quote?